, if you are a person that enjoys the simplicity of life, yet likes to have the best that the IMVU catalog can offer, you are then on the right place.

Presenting CdL's Perfect Male Avatar, featuring:

* A Smaller Head Mesh
* An Enhanced (Muscular) Torso Mesh
* Smaller Hands
* Slimmer and Enhanced (Muscular) Legs
* Smaller Feet Mesh
* Fully compatible with all heads, hairs, eyes, skins, hands, feet, torsos, etc. And you can wear any clothes, accesories, and/or body part meshes from other Developers, without loosing the rest of the Avatar enhancements.
* Fully Derivable (You can add your own skin, eyes, etc. and resell them as a single item)
* A reasonable price (buying these features by separate will cost you more than 4 times of what this avatar costs)

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This avatar is fully compatible with all IMVU accesories, eyebrows, eyes, heads, skins, etc. and if you want a cool looking skin for your male Avatar, check out CdL's Skintones by clicking HERE.

Avatar above featuring CDL's Perfect Male Avatar, CdL's LowCut Fade Jet Black Hairstyle, CdL's BlackShine Eyes for Males, CdL's Choco Enhanced Stub Goatee Skin, Perlu's RC Noir Pants, and Nl1ejh's X-treme Leather Shorts.

I have a No-Smile version of this avatar, where I removed the Goofy Smile from it. You can go to the No-Smile version of this product by clicking HERE.

If interested in using this product with the Access Pass, You can view the APO (Access Pass Only) version of this product by clicking HERE.

BEFORE YOU BUY: This avatar has (as all avatars derived from the IMVU Male Avatar (Product ID: 191) a few compatibility issues with some stances and actions embedded in rooms and locked rooms. Please read my post to the IMVU Bugs Forum (I also reported this by email to IMVU) to know more about this situation BEFORE YOU BUY:

Male Avatar Derivation Bug

Having advised you about this, you understand that there may be limitations on the usage of the avatar regarding actions/stances embedded on rooms, and any issues with this should be reported directly to IMVU so they can follow up my reports.

I have fully tested and retested this avatar on several IMVU Accounts and in different locked rooms, rooms, and with poses and furniture, and the only limitation to this issue seems to be on some (not all) actions and stances embedded on certain rooms. And as I told you before, this avatar is fully compatible with all IMVU accesories, eyebrows, eyes, heads, skins, etc.

And yes you can set your derivations as "Derivable", since it's in the IMVU Developer agreement that ALL IMVU Developers sign when becoming Devs.

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