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E.Z. Tees

E.Z. Tee (Female)

E.Z. Tee (Male)

E.Z. [Long Sleeves]

E.Z. [Front n Back]

Developing for IMVU can be hard at first. That's why I've developed the EASIEST item to paint available on IMVU today. The E.Z. Tee is specially designed to allow you to create a simple image, and turn that into a customized t-shirt for your avatar... instantly!

Developer's Template:

Deriving from an E.Z. Tee is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Step One: Create your image.

Save the template above to your computer (or create a new file which is 256x256). Open it with any graphics program (Paint, Photoshop, Paintshop, etc.) Fill the image with any background color you like (this color will become the color of the entire shirt) and then put an image or text on top. I created a red star with a black background. Save it as a jpeg.

Step Two: Apply it to the tee.

Make sure you have the IMVU previewer installed (available on the Developer's Page). Then, click on the Derive From link. It should open up the previewer. Once it is all loaded, go to the tab which says "materials" and click on the E.Z. Tee logo. Find the jpeg you made in step one and load it. Click "Apply Changes". If you're happy with the way it looks, save it! Your shirt is done!

Step Three: Submit it to IMVU!

Now, you need to create a catalog icon for your product. Take a screenshot of your product (using the Print Screen button) and paste it into your graphics program. Your final catalog icon should be 100x80, saved as a jpeg. Once that's done, you're all ready to submit your shirt, so click "Submit to IMVU catalog."

That's it! Three steps to a shirt that's ready to wear and sell!