Burgundy Red Imy-Do Updo Hairstyle w/ Emeralds
Elegant dark red Imy-do hairstyle with emeralds in back and dripping down in front.
See links below for more color / gem options available.
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Imy-Do  w/ Emeralds

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Imy-Do Versions Available:
Jet / Black
Jet w/ Diamonds Jet w/ pearls jet w/ gold jet w/ burgundy Jet Rose Quartz
Jet w/ rubies Jet w/ emeralds Jet w/ amethyst Jet w/ sapphires

Cream / Blonde
Cream w/ diamonds Cream w/ pearls Cream w/ gold Cream w/ burgundy Cream blonde rose quartz
Cream w/ rubies Cream w/ emeralds Cream w/ amethyst Cream w/ sapphires

Red / Auburn
red diamonds Red w/ pearls Red / gold Red w/ burgundy Red w/ rose quartz
Red w/ rubies Red w/ emeralds Red w/ amethyst Red w/ sapphire

Ice / White
ice w/ rubies Ice w/ rubies no band Ice w/ pearls ice w/gold ice w/burgundy

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