releasing the choice armour from the Eterna Worx Armoury developed in the Vertexual Foundry
Fashion Armour ~ Shin Guard
engineered to allow ease of derivation providing multiple methods of creation with the use of Creative Visionary Methods

Tired of seeing the same old armour looks?
Looking for something more fashionable yet Futuristic and fits well with medieval style?
Here it is, the Fashion Armour!


:: Cost to Derive Entire Series ::
(inclusive of submission fees)

~ Full Set ~ ~ Accessory ~ ~ SkirtGard ~ ~ Pauldrons ~
~ Top ~ ~ Bottom ~ ~ Boots ~ ~ Gauntlet L ~ ~ Gauntlet R ~
~ Pauldron R ~ ~ Pauldron L ~ ~ ShinGuard ~ ~ Skirting ~


:: The below link contains the uvw template files for this product ::
Download UVW Template File here
- You will need WinRAR or WinZIP to extract the files -

:: Tips on Deriving this Product ::

You can use PNG files instead of JPG files if you prefer.
The XRF files are embedded into the product, just choose from the dropdown the relevant file.

You can also hide any mesh geometry if you desire so.
The emptymesh.xmf file embedded in the product allows you to hide specific mesh parts.
Just replace any existing mesh (.xmf) with it.

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