DEVELOPER: BE AWARE!! Presenting the Angelfish Fountain! This is a derivable FURNITURE. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This Fish Fountain comes with the normal fish stuff - scales, fins and tail. Animated water. There are no poses attached to this product so it can be scaled to suit your needs. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ There are 8 textures required to develop this product and some repeat in places to save file size. Please keep your textures small to enable the client to run most efficiently. You may use any textures in this product to derive your version of this product. :) Thanks for your interest in my derivable products. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ DEVELOPERS!! PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE YOUR VERSION OF MY PRODUCT DERIVABLE. All my products and textures are copyrighted and DCMA protected. I do not warn anyone before filing DCMA's on anyone who steals textures and/or products. Mesh theft and Texture theft is wrong - please dont be a part of it! ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________