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Robe with fur trim / Fur Coat / Fur Jacket / Cloak / Outerwear for men or boys / kids featuring a red solid color and white fur trim. Layerable robe.

Please note that this robe is best worn without a shirt as shirts tend to be seen through parts of the robe.

This item is the robe only. You will need separate pants or shorts to wear with it.

Perfect for fall / autumn, winter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Day / NYE / New Years Eve / New Year, campfire, camp, camping, cabin in the woods, relaxing by the fire, cold weather, winter nights / night, pajama party, slumber party, cold weather, or really any time. Could be worn with pajama, pajamas, PJs, sleepwear, jammies, jamas, jama, pijama, pijamas, pyjamas, or pyjama.

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