Please note:
1. This avatar comes with a shoulder scaler, so all of the poses were created to be used with a 90% shoulder scaler. You can buy a shoulder scaler remover here. Also, if you run into compatibility issues with some of the other produts, you can get a backup scaler here

2. Many poses will look alot more natural if you wear the shoes which were weighted to the foot bone and not the leg bone.

3. Some of the scalers might have an effect on how the body is positioned, so as a result some poses may not look right (e.g hands going through legs). The avatar was created using shoulder and hands scalers only.

4. The head that avatars comes with has limited animation in order to keep the file size down

V1 - V0
C1 - C0
E1 - E0
Idle poses:
I1 - I0
W1 - W8
V11 - V00
C11 - C00
E11 - E00

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