Tiny Fish schools are groups of Tiny Fish v1, v2 and v3. They have a life of their own and come in two types:
"school 1" which is a group of fish that bobs in one spot randomly, and "school 2" which is a school that swims in a circle. Both varieties of Tiny Fish schools have random animations.

These schools of fish have small file sizes, so you can add in one school and then copy it over and over again to bring your underwater room to life. Because of these small file sizes you won't slow down your chat even if you place 100s of fish into your room.

Try adding in some other varieties of Tiny Fish schools and use the move, scale and rotate tools to make each school unique and you'll have the most realistic underwater scene around.

Do you like the animation of these fish, but want to see a different color, or style? Why not make your own? All of the Tiny Fish products are derivable.