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**********************PRODUCT DESCRIPTION***********************

Epik WML - HD tight dress with medium top and large size bottom.
Features long slouch sleeves and turtle neck collar.
Please note that it's not necessary to have 2 sides checked from M40 to M46.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *Templates* ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
M40 body M40 shading
M41 skintight bottom back M41 shading
M42 skintight bottom front M42 shading
M43 skintight top back M43 shading
M44 skintight top front M44 shading
M45 skintight sleeve left M45 shading
M46 skintight sleeve right M46 shading

M47 dress back M47 shading
M48 dress front M48 shading
M49 dress sleeve left M49 shading
M50 dress sleeve right M50 shading
M51 skirt M51 shading
M52 collar M52 shading

There are many stolen meshes in the catalog, derive carefully and derive from the original ones saves you troubles from getting DMCA takedown later.
*Hint* Stolen meshes mostly cannot provide you with templates and mostly appear in wrong categories.
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