Slender V2: In version 2, you can find a more rounded and realistic nails, Version 2 will be compatible with layerable tattoos for Slender v1, except for the tip of the fingers.

All the textures and opacities should have different names, otherwise, they will work as one, creating conflicts among themselves.
Save your textures in .jpg , with an 8 / 9 quality
Use the wireframe maps as reference

 photo slender rings v2.jpg

 photo left nails.jpg  photo right nails2.jpg
 photo Tatoo back of left hand.jpg  photo Tatoo palm of left hand.jpg
 photo Tatoo back of right hand.jpg  photo Tatoo palm of right hand.jpg
 photo left Thumb.jpg  photo left Index.jpg  photo left Middle.jpg  photo left Ring2.jpg  photo left Pinky.jpg

 photo right Thumb.jpg  photo right Index.jpg  photo right Middle.jpg  photo right Ring2.jpg  photo right Pinky.jpg

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