This is a unique item with SEVERAL FEATURES to aid in taking pics of your avatar!

This item includes

8 backgrounds, 8 special effects, 4 scene enhancers, 4 frames, 8 shades of tint, 4 rotating columns and 10 standing nodes. It also contains a great guide tool made by Nersues

You can use one item at a time or Mix & Match.

There are 10 standing nodes: 3 in front, middle and back, with 1 raised in the center for better pictures

On the center standing nodes, blended items do NOT disappear

The 4 frame come in two sizes... small for waist up shots and large for full body shots. Frame1-frame4 are the commands for the large frames while frame5-frame8 are the commands for the small frames.

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This item DOES pass MCG!

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If you do not own an AP pass... the link to the last one will NOT work. Image is NOT ap!