This HD mesh features the following:

Basic MCG Body
Sexy Long Open Sides Dress
Lace Trimmed Undies
Cowl Neck Top
Gem Belt
Gem Collar


***** PLEASE NOTE *****

Some poses can cause clipping (parts of the body coming through the clothing)
You can hide clipping by drawing on the basic body layer in the same color where the clipping occurs
To see if something is clipping, try out different poses


The textures on this mesh are low kb to give you some room with your texture kb's.
Try to keep your own kb's as low as possible without losing too much quality to reduce in-client lag and for faster loading.
Some textures can be scaled down 50% for even faster loading and lower kb's.


.::| UV & Overlays |::.

M00: Body

M02: Undies

M03: Undershirt

M04: Undies Lace

M05: Skirt Back

M06: Skirt Front

M08: Belt

M09: Cowl Top

M10: Collar

M11: Belt Diamonds 1

M12: Belt Diamonds 2

M13: Belt Diamonds 3

M14: Collar Diamonds 1

M15: Collar Diamonds 2

M16: Collar Diamonds 3



Mesh by Delure