Protection Status
A highly curvaceous derivable bottom with a skin tight legging layer.

In order as follows: Right Leg (02,) Left Leg (01,) EM BL Body (00.)

Notice: Thicker bottoms react strongly with scalers. If it doesn't quite look right. See if you have a scaler attached.

Derivation Notice: (Optional,) If you see skin clipping through the bottom in more extended poses and would like to patch it be sure to download the image, EM BL Body (00.) Use an opacity targeting the locations and then create a texture matching the bottom's colors to paint your skin. Assign this to slot zero, (00.) If done correctly the clipping will be resolved.
An image for guidance with common trouble areas has been provided. See below.

Tights-Right-UV Tights-Left-UV EM-BL-Butt-UV

Use this image as an opacity map as aforementioned in case you see skin clipping through your derivation particularly around the upper hips, lower rear, and nether regions.
EM-BL-Butt-Opacity EM-BL-Butt-Opacity-Desc

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EM BL Variation:

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