Jet black Imy-do with diamonds in back and front make this updo truly glamorous.
Shown below with:
Black Velvet Diamond Gown
Black Velvet Long Gloves
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Imy-Do Jet Black w/ Diamonds

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Imy-Do Versions Available:
Jet w/ Diamonds Jet w/ pearls jet w/ gold jet w/ burgundy
Cream w/ diamonds Cream w/ pearls Cream w/ gold Cream w/ burgundy
Jet w/ rubies Jet w/ emeralds Jet w/ amethyst Jet w/ sapphires
Cream w/ rubies Cream w/ emeralds Cream w/ amethyst Cream w/ sapphires
ice w/ rubies Ice w/ rubies no band Ice w/ pearls ice w/gold ice w/burgundy

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Silver & Diamond Cuff L Silver & Diamond Cuff R Silver & Diamond Hoops Silver Rose Long Gloves Black Velvet Diamond Gown Black Diamond Heels

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