Retractable Claws
(For Men)

Ever wanted to claw off somebody's face without them seeing it coming? Well you're in luck with the Retractable Claws. Long a favorite of Felines and Raptors, these hidden digit daggers can be called forth from your finger tips to reek your terrible vengeance on any poor soul unlucky enough to cross you. And with another command, you can make them disappear again, to lay dormant in wait for the next poor sucker to tick you off. And people wonder why cats are considered EVIL! Mu-Hahahahaha!!!

The Commands are:
(Note: Claws are hidden until you Extend them!)
"ExtendClaws" to make the Claws appear
"ClawAttack", to go crazy on some poor fool
(Make sure to type in ExtendClaws first, or the attack will be clawless!)
"ClawsIn" to make the Claws disappear back into your finger tips

PLEASE NOTE: This version is designed for the Male Default avies only. It won't work with Female avies, or some Custom avie models. There is a version for the Female Default avie, sold separately in the catalog. This item also conflicts with any item that uses Channel 44 in the avie's body. Extremely few items replace that body channel, but if one of your items does it will either remove this item, or the other item. If you're in doubt, use TRY IT before you BUY IT! There will be NO REFUNDS if it doesn't work with your existing outfit or you buy the wrong version for your .

Don't like gray nails? Wish the Claws came with some sound effects? Well then DERIVE IT! Make your own version, and even sell it the catalog for a small markup over my original, and you can keep the extra profits for yourself! You can express yourself AND earn credits at the same time. How's that for a sweet deal? You'll need a full account on IMVU, as well as a copy of Previewer. You can find out more about Deriving on the IMVU's Education Center. Below are the templates you'll need to get started:

This is the texture map used on the Claws. As you can see it's quite small, because the Claws themselves are quite small. Use this to make small changes to the Claws, like color. Whatever you do to this one texture will reflect the same way on all of the nails:

This is the Wireframe layout for the Claws. Use this to make a completely new texture map for the Claws from scratch. This is something best left for the Advanced Users:

To add sound, I highly recommend you download and use Audacity. It's a free sound editing tool that can export out OGG sound files. OGG sound files compress down to less then 1/10th the file size of WAV files. SO USE OGG FILES!!! You can download it here: