A cloud of sparkels that flicker on and off. Animated so that they are random groups on and off at different times. These are yellow and white little sparks that will add follow you wherever you go. Click **HERE** for different derivations of this item.

Super easy to derive from. All you really need is to pick a color. The texture must be exactly 256x512 and can be any color you like. If you would like to change the opacity or the animation, you can message me first unless you are really comfortable with texture animation. Low file size as well for faster loading times.

If you have any questions, comments, or requests about this mesh or any others that I have made, or if you have a request for a mesh that you would like made, please feel free to contact me on my home page or in the forums or on my website.

If you derive from this mesh, please follow these guidelines. Do not set your item to derivable without my express permission. If you have changed the opacity maps and made it into a unique item, ask me and I'll probably say it fine to make it derivable, but ASK FIRST. Do not use any of my textures, make your own. Exception to this are shadows and water textures and opacity maps. These are all pretty basic and are the only textures that I am giving permission to use. Make sure that your item does not violate the IMVU Virtual Goods Policy or Terms of Service.