________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Introducing the derivable version of the Master Wardrobe for the LCA089 room. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This Master bedroom Wardrobe comes with some flat panels in the shelves that are intended to populate that area with photos of clothing and shoes - something to make it look "lived in". If you dont want to use these flat panels, just black them out by using a black tile on both the asset and the opacity. Be sure to remove blending and self illumination if you've used them. There are 25 textures required to develop this product - many of them can be textured using a solid color tile. Please keep your textures small to enable the client to run most efficiently. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ DEVELOPERS!! PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE YOUR VERSION OF MY PRODUCT DERIVABLE. I do not warn anyone before filing DCMA's on the products that are left derivable. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Photobucket' border='0' />" readonly onClick="javascript:this.focus();this.select();" STYLE="width: 1600px; ">