Annie Bones is here! :D Finaly Kenny managed do drag his girlfriend into the online work and join him in IMVU as Annie Bones! A cute little pink skeleton with girly voices to help keep the room conversation going :)
Annie responds to: kiss,mwah,kisses,*kiss,snog,smooch,kissie | lol,hehe,giggle,tehe,taha,rofl,lmao,hah,haa | ahello | eek!,ah!,scream!,eep!
A lovely little pet for anyone to enjoy :)

Hey guys/girl due to IMVU's Tier system that rewards good products, please rate/review my products. I would be most appreciative if u took 20seconds to review and rate my products. This way i could earn IMVU tiers which will allow me to upload products at a lower cost and it doesn't cost you a thing, just 20seconds of you time and would help out in my creator status. Thank you :)

By deriving this products you agree that your product will NOT be derivable, it may be Bundleable, but not derivable.
Check out all the wonderful derivations that people have made of this prodcut! :D Thank you all ^_^