Enhanced Skin



  1. Rich range of colors bring your Avatar to life!
  2. Improved mapping
  3. Derivable
  4. Compatible with IMVU+ Enhanced Heads

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So what is new about these skins?

IMVU has made a whole new series of highly detailed skins for Men and Women in a variety of new base colors. Each of these skins has its UV seams carefully cleaned up to make a nice canvas for creators to work on top of. It is important to note that the IMVU+ heads have some slight UV differences on the lips than our other heads - so these new Textures will be a new standard for the IMVU+ Avatar. This means creators have the opportunity to make skins specifically tailored for IMVU+ head and body.

What is this link posted below?

IMVU is supplying our working files to our community and creators. Edit, Modify and Derive your own new IMVU products from these.

IMVU+ F Skin Pal 0.1 Texture (Photoshop CS5)