________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Triggers are: fire for a short ambient sound. firel for a looping ambient sound. to remove the looping fire sounds just type fire again to switch it over to the short on and it will turn it off after the short sound. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This is the derivable fireplace insert for the Small Euro Falls room. There are 10 textures required to develop this product. I have added some textures in to make developing easier, you are welcome to use them if you like. Please keep your textures small to enable the client to run most efficiently. Thanks for your interest in my derivable products! ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ DEVELOPERS PLEASE BE AWARE: PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE YOUR VERSION OF MY PRODUCT DERIVABLE. I FILE DCMA'S ON EVERY PRODUCT THAT I FIND LEFT DERIVABLE OR STOLEN - WITHOUT WARNING. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Photobucket' border='0' />" readonly onClick="javascript:this.focus();this.select();" STYLE="width: 1600px; ">