Flown from the aircraft carrier Hiryu this aircraft, serial number BII-307, participated in the attack on Pearl Harbour December 7, 1941 that thrust America into World War II. On 4 June 1942, during the Battle of Midway, Hiryu's aircraft inflicted serious bomb and torpedo damage to USS Yorktown (CV-5), causing her abandonment. Later that day, Hiryu was hit by U.S. carrier dive bombers. Though she remained underway for a time, she had been fatally damaged. Abandoned early the following morning, Hiryu sank at about 0900 on 5 June, the last of four Japanese aircraft carriers to be lost in the battle.

The plane is in the air to simulate flight...do look up!

Sounds included:
Engine sound - trigger: engine
Short burst of the rear 7.7mm machine gun - trigger: gun

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