New!! Allure HD Aline Dress! This mesh features a skintight HD body, and double layered HD Aline Dress! Enjoy!! ^_^
UV Maps are now at bottom of the page!

There may be some clipping in some poses with some avatars.
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NEW!! Allure Body Scalers! Allure meshes only come in 3 base sizes now, Slim A, Slim B, and PRG. Please check out the new body scalers for a more personalized look! Find them all: HERE!

Please Note: If you have problems saving map pictures, simply create a new file to the appropriate size in your imaging software (such as Photoshop 256x512, or 512x256) right click the picture, click "copy image", and then paste directly into your new file! Thanks!! ^_^

M00: Body

M01: ST Body Back

M02: ST Body Front

M03: Aline Layer 1 Back

M04: Aline Layer 1 Front

M05: Aline Layer 2 Back

M06: Aline Layer 2 Front

M08: ST Sleeves

M09: Medieval Sleeves

M10: Bishop Sleeves

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