DO NOT BUY THIS ITEM, IT IS FOR DEVELOPERS ONLY! To see what's been derived from this item, click HERE.

This item was developed for use with a Curvacious Avatar. This product will ONLY work with these avatars and clothes made for these avatars.

A new, sexy corset top, specially designed for the womanly curves of the Curvacious Avatar! Paired with the elegant and flattering Fit n' Flare skirt.

Note: You can turn on blending if you want transparent parts, but remember that anything using blending may interfere with other items using blending.

Developers: In order to see how this item looks with the Curvacious Avatar, I recommend loading her into the previewer for testing. Just paste 2475489 into the Body Pattern area on the Scene Manager tab.

This item is easy to derive from! Use the templates below!

Developers' Templates:



This item was developed in collaboration with LittleCricket
who specifically liscenced the use of the Curvacious Avatar mesh for this purpose.
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