IMPORTANT!: This mesh no longer works properly after Imvu updated their standard hands mesh. You can buy the original stadard hands for which this mesh had been created for here:

Derivable black layerable nails. Please try before you buy!

Info for devs:
I've had a hard time finding a nails mesh, which could be worn along with fingerless gloves, that's why I've decided to make one. These are nails which go on top of your default ones and can be worn with any product which replaces hands mesh.
Now the 'slight problem' thing:
The weighting of the left hand is pretty messed up 'by default' (I think you can see it especially when using skins which have painted nails on), so some stretching esp on the ring finger nail may occur. I couldnt fix it, because then it wouldn't align perfectly with the finger. That's why I made the ring finger use another material [M01]. On my nails, I made it shorter at the base to prevent the stretching a little. it is mapped the same way, so you can just use the same texture/opacity on both of the materials if things like that don't bother you too much.

Sample opacity:
All nails:

Ring finger nail:

Please note that they may not work with *all* gloves, only those which are weighted the same way as default avi hands. Otherwise, they may end up floating in the air. I've fixed all my gloves meshes(please clear your cache), so at least they will work fine with mine.

More colors and derivable version:

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Screenshot credits:
Wristband by Mystery

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