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This item was developed for use with the Curvacious Avatar by LittleCricket. This product will ONLY work with this avatar and clothes made for this avatar.

These basic shorts are slightly layered over the pelvis, so they are not skin tight. Fully opacity mapped. Perfect for short denim shorts, hot pants etc. Specially designed for the womanly curves of the Curvacious Avatar.

Developers: There is some clipping in some poses. The best way to mask this is to put the same pattern on the pelvis layer as you have on the upper layer. (I have done this with my textures so you can see what I mean.) You should at least put an MCG compatible set of panties underneath to avoid any possible rating problems. Remember, texture maps and opacity maps must be the SAME SIZE!! Also remember that if you turn on blending, it may interfere with other items using blending.

Developers: In order to see how this item looks with the Curvacious Avatar, I recommend loading her into the previewer for testing. Just paste 836842 into the Body Pattern area on the Scene Manager tab.

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This item was developed in collaboration with LittleCricket
who specifically liscenced the use of the Curvacious Avatar mesh for this purpose.
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