My very first hair mesh! Please note that the hair might go through the shoulders when using certain poses, so don't forget to try before you buy.

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Mesh notes(info for developers):

+ The mesh includes 5 different materials, so you can make each of them a different color or apply a different opacity to certain parts of the mesh
M00 - Bangs (texture size: 256x256px)
M01 - Top layer (256x256)
M02 - Bottom layer (256x256)
M03 - Hair Band (512X128) - template below
M04 - Hair base (128x128)

+ Feel free to change opacity map if you wish. If you apply a new opacity and see some textured bits at the very ends of the hair strands(when you'll get them, you'll know what i'm talking about), just paint the top row of pixels on your opacity map black and they'll go away.
+ Please do not set your product as derivable unless you've created a new opacity map
+ Hairband template can be found below. Also you might want to shrink your textures a little if you want to achieve 1x1 ratio