This is a derivable item. Content creators can derive from it to create new products.
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NOTE: These are for developers to derive from. DO NOT BUY THEM unless you want thigh-high, bright red boots! The "Any Length" in the title refers to the fact that developers can change the length of the boots on new items they derive from this using opacity maps. You cannot buy this and then change the length of your boots.

These will work over anything that is skintight (most bodysuits, skintight pants, bare legs, etc) If they are full length, they will stick through most baggy pants. However since they are Any Length, you can make short boots to wear under any pants! There are some minor clipping issues when sitting. Creating shorter boots will also eliminate this issue.

Developers: These boots have a FULL opacity map, allowing you to make them go as high or low as you wish! Note: Do NOT use opacity below the ankles, unless you want invisible feet!!

This item is easy to derive from! It is similarly mapped to the male avatar legs, with the boots extending down from the legs for easy mapping. Use the template below!

Developers' Template: