This is a derivable item. Content creators can derive from it to create new products.
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This is a derivable, LAYERABLE skirt. It goes OVER your pants! Note that it will not work properly with some pants. Pants which stick and bulge near the top (including enhanced "hippy" pants) will most likely not work. However it should work over most skintight pants. It will also NOT work with my Layerable Stockings.

I normally don't recommend buying these red items that are intended just for derivation, but developers, you may want to purchase this before deriving to test it with various bottoms to get an idea of what it will and will not work with.

If you want a standard skirt that includes pelvis (ie, will overwrite any pants you may be wearing) please see my other derivable items.

Developers: This item is easy to derive from! Create a sarong to wear over your favorite bathingsuit, or add a skirt to your favorite bodysuit. Use the templates below!

Developers' Template: