Fit Scaler Avatars !!! See the !!! VIDEO !!!
Triggers are: Spin1, Spin2 and SpinFast
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Scaler Kids Verion
Fits the 40% - 50% - 60% & 70%
Scaler Avatars

Sit and DIZZY SPIN !!! Rolf
See the !!! VIDEO !!!

Triggers are: Spin1, Spin2 and SpinFast

A wonderful children's toy
Made to Sit on and Spin Spin Spin !!!

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See All the different ones made from this one
Many more choices are available

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Creator's Notes & Image Maps Below:

Where do I get well proprotioned Scaler Avatars?

Try Avatar Scalers by HugsAndKisses

These are compatible with my Scaler Products
Check closely for the sizes supported by my
Scaler Furniture HERE:

Female Scaler Avatars   Male Scaler Avatars  


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Creator's Notes

UV Maps Below

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 Weddings Music Ambiance 

 Candlelight Dinner for Two 

 Wedding Priest & Vows 

More Wedding Items


Creator's Notes & Tips:


I have used small sized graphics for the excellently LOW Kb to help reduce overall client crashing.
This also leaves you plenty of Kb Room to add your wonderful artwork and still have a light weight product.

Please note, if your color combinations are not working, adjust the Vertex On or Off as needed.
You can also adjust the "Self Illumination". Experimetn with these settings.

You may use any size graphic you wish. If you need more detail use a Larger Graphic 256x256 or 512x256, etc.  This
project may use Mapped (below) and / or Standard graphics in a 128x128 (low Res/Kb), 256x256 (normal Res/Kb) and up to 512x512 (High Res/Kb) Look closely at my "starter" textures in the Create Mode to get an idea of their layout, sizes, more... Experiment!

Most all textures are 'standard' (as in the preview pane of Create Mode except for any UV Mapped as in the below) Change as many textures as you want. I suggest you make yours unique! 

Can you use my textures on my products? YES!
Can you use my textures on other products? No.

Sample Texture Material Opacity - Creator's Notes

This project uses standard textures.
Look Closely in the Create Mode at
mine for an idea.

Please,  keep in mind, your graphics dimensions can be larger or smaller than mine.

Confused?  Just drop me a PM and I will respond as soon as possible.

You may also find handy the  " Creator's Helping Hands" It makes the avatar Stand Still for photos, etc. 

 Make Avatars Stand Still

Note: Graphics are Granted Use License for *this* project only. As always, if you have questions or need help, I am here.            

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