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This outfit not only includes the full bodysuit, wings and skirt, it also shrinks your entire avatar to half her normal size!! Sooooo cute!! This will wear your normal skintone, eyes and hair! (Note: Some long hairstyles may not work). Try out some of the moods and animations... some don't work but many are hilarious! I especially like some of the attack moves when one person is normal size, and MilliVanilli when both avatars are faeries! Wheeee!

Note: This outfit works with some non-standard heads, but you must take them off BEFORE you put the outfit on! Then try loading a non-standard head and see how it looks. If you put the outfit on while wearing a non-standard head your body will not shrink!

Developers: This item is easy to derive from! The body is mapped exactly like the female avatar. Use the templates below! Note that for the wing animation to appear to flutter, you need to map the wings to that one opacity map has the wing on one side, and one has the wing on the other. I have placed boxes in the templates to show where the wings should go. The color map should have the wing shape on both sides. Feel free to play with blending on and off for the skirt and wings.

Developers' Templates:



Wings 1 and 2