This is a bannerless radio streamer with animated Vinyl Disc.

Comes with over 750 stations (regularly checked and updated) classified into 31 genres.

For Developers:
To add your custom radio stations, download this template file: channels.xml
(right-click and select Save Link/Target As...) and add or edit the station details.

Note that the stream URL is NOT the same thing as the radio website address.
The stream URL can be found in the playlist (PLS file) that you can download from
SHOUTcast or from your radio website.

By default, the streamer will load your stations on top of the built-in stations.
If you don't want the built-in stations to be loaded, set the override attribute in
channels.xml to "true", "yes" or "1".

You can set the initial station with XML attributes genre and station:
<channels override="false" genre="20" station="0">

Indices are zero-based: genre="0" station="0" are the defaults and will play the first station
in the first genre, genre="1" will play the first station in the second genre, and so forth...
(Be careful not to exceed the valid range of indices for genre and station)

When you're done adding your channels, open Create Mode to derive from this product.

In the Product Editor, open the project folder (where all the files for this product are located)
by clicking on the folder icon as shown below:

Move the file channels.xml to that folder, save your product in Create Mode and upload it.

Note for Meshers: You can delete the default mesh and add your own without any restrictions.
It is highly recommended that you leave the product derivable so that other creators can add
their stations to the new mesh.

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