This is a derivable item. Content creators can derive from it to create new products.
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BY POPULAR DEMAND!! A "hippy" tight skirt! This skirt has enhanced hips, thighs, and butt for a naturally curvy look! See how it compares to the standard avatar body below! Note: this mesh includes the legs so it may not be compatible with some boots/shoes.

Developers: This item is easy to derive from! It is FULLY opacity mapped! Use the templates below!

Note: This mesh also includes OPTIONAL flares. To turn them on, just change the opacity map. Blending on both flares and skirt has been turned OFF for your convenience. If you turn blending back on, be aware that it may cause conflicts with other items that use blending.

"Hippy" Tight Skirt:

"Hippy" Mesh Comparison:

Developers' Templates: