Are you tired of lifeless eyes and dead-looking skin? Is that fool smile getting old?.
The KnightDark Avatar NEVER smiles unless you tell it to!!!
Tired to look thinny and weak?
Now the KnightDark Avatar allows you show a great muscled torso !
Perfect for looking serious, or taking screen shots! , this avatar includes EVERYTHING you see here!
TRY IT !!!
-Smaller head than the default heads.
-Smaller hands and feet than default.
-Reproportionated legs and pelvis .
-Muscled arms and torso!
-Self-illuminating, FullMoon Eyes!!! , in very detailed texture.(Courtesy of my loved Tisifone.)
-KnightDark haircolor!
-KnightDark eyelashes and eyebrows!
-KnightDark pants resized !
-The high-quality "FullMoon Skin 000" Skintone , self illuminated!!!(Skintone includes DarkNight-colored fingernail and toenail, and lots more!Courtesy of my loved Tisifone)
-IMPORTANT!!! This product will appear in the "avatar" section of your inventory. You will need to put it on before it will replace your current avatar! The skin, hair, eyes, and clothing can be replaced by other items, simply by putting them on. Taking items off will make the parts of this avatar appear again. You CAN use other heads and eyebrows on this avatar without any conflict! May not work with custom poses!!!

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