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Do not buy this skirt-- it is for deriving purposes only!

My most versatile skirt yet!! This skirt combines my tight skirt, a new full skirt PLUS 10 different "fur-lined" areas which can be toggled on and off using opacity!!

To select the fur-lined areas you wish to use, find the numbers on the guide below, and simply make those numbered areas on the opacity map white. Leave everything else black. There are literally thousands of possible combinations!! Note: I do NOT recommend using blending on the fur areas. It has not been tested and may have adverse results. Also, since this version is the SKIRT ONLY, it only includes fur areas 8-17

As always, remember to turn blending off of any of the pieces you do not wish to use, such as the skirts. This will reduce transparency conflicts.

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Developers' Templates:


Fur Areas

Tight Skirt

Full Skirt