Do not buy. For developers only.

Developers - A NEW derivable version now uses a Wall node! Click on the icons below to see the new meshes, or derive from this old mesh in the normal manner.

Wall Node version with new centered frame side map. Optional brown-black, museum-style frame texture included in derivation.
Derivable Picture Frame, 4x3 (wide)

Wall Node version using the old frame map (see below for old template). Use your old frame side textures originally made for this mesh.
Monet, Venice Painting 3x2 (wide)

Or check out my Full Line of Wall-Loading Picture Frames (click here), all with centered frame sides, easier maps, enhanced meshes, and other new options!

*** OLD PRODUCT INFORMATION is below for those who wish to continue using this derivable. ***

Rectangular 3D rectangular frame for developers with 3:4 picture ratio for paintings and pictures. Each frame side centered and matched at corners.

Below: An EXAMPLE of a picture made using this mesh. *The painting below is in the public domain and not subject to copyright protection.

Below: The derived product will have the actual textures shown below. Note that the frame texture is the same in both the image above and below. (Since the textures below are used on the product purchased with this item, do not buy! This product is for developer derivation only.)

Information for Developers:

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