Presenting: POLAR!! Curves inspired by the Northern Lights!

IMPORTANT: This product is meant for developers, only buy it if you're sure you like the colors!

Derive of this gorgeous curvy candle collection! Make a dancing club at night or a luxurious penthouse at day! Let your imagination run free in this modern reflective room!

Want to find more POLAR derivables? Click the image above!
For developers:

- All textures have been color coded to facilitate texturing
- All are simple flat textures and need no maps
- You are permitted to use my flame texture and light-shade texture
- If you want to make your own lighting effect best use a gradient circle
- For my lighting effect I have used additive blending mode, this way it doesnt need opacity and only uses the texture map. Simply put it works like this: whichever is black will not show and whichever is lighter than black will show.
- If you have any questions dont hesitate to message me
- Note, the furniture are all separate meshes

Want to see what was made with this mesh? Look below: