Compatibility: Female
Description: Its Halloween time, whether you want to dress up as a Rag doll or a Clown, this is the perfect outfit for you. Matching outfit for males available so couples can dress up together! Everything shown in the picture has been made by me and is available in single pieces and in a bundle. Female version on the left, mens on the right! Enjoy and be sure to leave a review, thanks!

( 1 )
[Sc] Radgoll Grl Bundle Found HERE (Click Here =D)

( 2 )
[Sc] Radgoll Grl Beret Found HERE

( 3 )
[Sc] Radgoll Grl Hair V2 Found HERE

( 4 )
[Sc] Radgoll Grl Hair Found HERE

( 5 )
[Sc] Radgoll Grl Head Found HERE

( 6 )
[Sc] Radgoll Grl HEyes Found HERE

( 7 )
[Sc] Radgoll Grl Shoes Found HERE

( 8 )
[Sc] Radgoll Grl Skirt Found HERE

( 9 )
[Sc] Radgoll Grl Pufftop Found HERE


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