Floor length wrap front fur trim coat.

The maps for any fur part are all 256x512 and I included the transparency and texture that I used for the mesh below the other maps.

As with most of my meshes the dress layers over top of the skin composite layer and mapped with my easy to use ez map technique where everything possible is stitched together for minimal texture aligning and maximum detail.

This item is meant for derivation purposes only. DO NOT BUY it unless you actually want a solid blue dress.

Clipping occurs at some joints in some poses, mostly the shoulders and top of the thighs. This happens with any layered clothing and the best way to deal with it if it bothers you is to make sure the under layer matched the top in the problem areas.

m00 = body layer
m01 = coat layer
m02 = sleeves
m03 = collar
m05 = hem fur
m06 = left sleeve fur
m08 = right sleeve fur