The AK47

It's Raw, Dirty.. even possibly Vulgar. It's the gun your parents worry about. Is it an Anarchist's weapon? A Communist? A Terrorist? One thing is for certain, it's BAD-A**! It's the AK-47! A gun long vilified by the West for it's connection to Communism, this weapon actually has wide spread usage around the world for it's reliability and low-cost. This faithful recreation of a traditional, wood-stocked, Kalashnikov Assault Rifle includes a functional Safety, detailed Clip reloading, moving Bolt, and a Photo-realistic texture map based on pictures of an actual, battle-worn, Rifle. It rests on the back, as if supported by a sling, until you type in a command to make it spring into action. It comes with all of the actions you'd expect from an AK, perfect for any non-Western military outfit.

"HoldAK" - Draws the weapon off your back, Commando-style
"FireAK" - Fires off a few Rounds
"HoseAK" - Spread Fires over an area
"AirFireAK" - Fires shots into the Air
"ReloadAK" - Ejects and Swaps out a Clip

PLEASE NOTE: The AK47 will work with both Male and Female avies, but is found under Male Miscellaneous (use Show All to find it). This item also conflicts with any item that uses Channel 80 in the avie's body. Extremely few items replace that body channel, but if one of your items does it will either remove this item, or the other item. Large clothing items might obstruct the AK47 well it's on your back. It also might not fit certain custom avie bodies featuring larger or thinner chests. To make sure it works with your avie's outfit, please use TRY IT before you BUY IT! There will be NO REFUNDS if it doesn't work with your existing outfit.

Wish that AK was Gold Plated? Or SOUND EFFECTS!? Well then, quite complaining and DERIVE it! Make your own version, and even sell it the catalog for a small markup over my original, and keep the extra profits for yourself! You can express yourself AND earn credits at the same time. How's that for a sweet deal? You'll need a full account on IMVU, as well as a copy of Previewer. You can find out more about Deriving on the IMVU's Education Center. Below is the template you'll need to get started (Right Click and Save As to your computer):

This is the Texture map used for the Body of the AK47. Use this to make simple changes, like adjusting color or adding decals:

This is the Wireframe layout for the AK47. This will show you precisely how the texture attaches to the body of the gun. Use this as a guide if you wish to make a completely new texture map from scratch:

This is the Texture map used for the Shell Casings that fly out of the gun, as well as the Bullet in the Chamber:

This is the Wireframe layout for the Casings:

This is the Texture map for the Muzzle Flash you see on the front of the gun when it's fired:

This is Opacity layer for the Muzzle Flash. It's basically a black and white silhouette of the Muzzle Flash. The brighter the color, the more solid the Texture map of the Muzzle Flash becomes. Use this to make the Muzzle flash more, or less visible, as well as to redefine the shape of the muzzle flash to more closely match other Muzzle Suppressors. Make certain this image matches the Texture map in size and layout, or visual errors will occur:

To add sound, I highly recommend you download and use Audacity. It's a free sound editing tool that can export out OGG sound files. OGG sound files compress down to less then 1/10th the file size of WAV files. SO USE OGG FILES!!! You can download it here: